Thursday, January 18, 2007

Directions to Quaker Knoll from Waynesville, Ohio

The roads in rural Ohio can be pretty confusing. There are often 90 degree turns, and sometimes a road will 'cross' another road offset by some distance. If you don't know the road 'continues', and which direction to go to find the rest of it, well, you can end up pretty lost!

Here are some directions from Waynesville, Ohio to help you get to Quaker Knoll with as few problems as possible.

In Waynesville routes 42 and 73 intersect.
Take 73 east out of Waynesville, towards Caesar's Creek State Park.
Go about 4 miles on 73 E across the lake until you come to Oregonia Road on your right. The town of Harveysburg will be on your left.
Take Oregonia Road South/Right and go about 1 mile.
At the intersection of Harlan-Carroll Road and Oregonia Road, Oregonia Road will take a very sharp turn to the right. Do not take the turn on Oregonia. Go straight ahead to go onto Harlan-Carroll Road continuing South 2.4 miles.
Harlan-Carroll Road dead-ends into Harveysburg Road. Turn Right/South onto Harveysburg Road.
You will go over I-71, and continue 1.2 miles to a stop sign next to the Clinton-Massie schools. This is the intersection of Lebanon Road, crossed by Harveysburg Road to the north and George Road to the south. Harveysburg Road becomes George Road. Continue South by going straight ahead onto George Road.
Continue South 2.9 miles on George Road. You will go across Rts 22 & 3 (running together) after about a mile and a half, then George Road ends at Creek Road.
Go Right onto Creek Road about .4 miles to S. Clarksville Road.
Go Right on S. Clarksville Road to go into the town of Clarksville.
This is a one stop-light town. At the stop light turn left onto 350 East.
Go 3.5 miles on 350 E then take 730 North towards Wilmington.
Go 2.1 miles on 730 N to the second road to the right. The first road is an entrance to Cowan Lake. The second road is Sprague Road. You can only go Right on Sprague Road. There will be a sign for the Quaker Knoll Church Camp and a smaller one for Hands On History.
Go 1/2 mile on Sprague Road to come to the driveway for the camp. There is a sign. The driveway is shared by a few homes. Just continue on and the lane will end at the Quaker Knoll lodge.