Thursday, February 08, 2007

Meet Frontier Resources - Gerry Barker

The Wagoner, Gerry Barker has retired from the Army, taught history and managed museums. He holds a MA in Labor History. He has specialized in Living History, taking part in numerous projects such a building forts and homesteads, wagon trains, military campaigns and reenactments of important events in American history. Gerry has written books and articles on frontier history, military history, living history techniques, mountaineering and survival. His current research is into the lives and work of wagoners in Colonial America.


julie said...

How do I get ahold of Gerry Barker?

I have a project I am looking for a horse carter. Maybe he knows someone who would be interested?

Shelley McClanahan said...

Hi Julie,

I've forwarded your information to Gerry to contact you.


Anonymous said...

I am wondering if this is the Gerry Barker I knew 30 years back.

I'll check back

dan ostler

Shelley McClanahan said...


Please leave me a comment with your contact information. I won't publish it with your private information, but will make sure Gerry gets it.


Bill Carroll said...

Gerry and Maria Barker spoke at our Founders Day Lecture Series here in Pocahontas, Arkansas, Saturday. They gave wonderful presentations on early frontier life. I highly recommend them as speakers.